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5 Free PDF Generator APIs

Every PDF generator API with a free plan so you can try before you buy—or find one for a low-volume use case.

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Looking for an easy way to generate PDFs for your app or project that you can try for free?

Here are a few options for getting started and/or generating up to 300 pages per month without spending a single cent.

1. Export SDK

Export SDK is designed to be easy for devs, no-coders, and non-devs to get up and running quickly—and offers the second most generous free tier on this list.

More than just an API, Export SDK also provides an intuitive drag and drop visual template builder with a library of pre-made templates more than just an API.

It is also the only tool designed for collaboration, allowing you to add multiple organizations and as many users to each organization as needed.

Screenshot of Export SDK PDF Designer

Free plan details

  • Includes 250 pages per month and unlimited users
  • Paid plans start at $29 per month

Additional features

  • Visual drag and drop template builder
  • Library of attractive pre-built templates
  • Advanced template components like tables
  • Javascript SDK and Zapier integration
  • Full-featured dashboard for user management, debugging, and usage metrics

2. PDF Monkey

PDF Monkey provides two simple tools to help you generate PDFs; an HTML and CSS-based template builder and REST API.

What PDF Monkey lacks in more features, it makes up for with the most generous free tier—allowing you to generate 300 pages per month.

While the platform does provide an HTML and CSS-based editor with live preview, you will still need a dev or designer to build templates.

Screenshot of PDF Monkey Editor

Free plan details

  • Includes 300 pages per month
  • Paid plans start at €15 per month

Additional features

  • HTML and CSS editor with preview
  • Zapier and Integromat integrations
  • Template building services starting at €1,000 per template
  • Template management dashboard
  • Ability to import chart libraries for use in templates

3. Hybiscus

Hybiscus takes an entirely different approach to designing and generating PDFs. Instead of a visual editor, you declare styles within the JSON you send to the API.

The result is beautiful PDFs without writing HTML and CSS or dragging and dropping components onto a canvas.

Though the free plan is limited to 100 pages per month, Hybiscus offers the least expensive paid plan—which starts at just €7 per month.

Screenshot of Hybiscus editor

Free plan details

  • Includes 100 pages per month
  • Paid plans start at €7 per month

Additional features

  • Theme library
  • Component library with charts and cards
  • Hybiscus Playground to play with styles and preview results

4. DynamicDocs API

DynamicDocs has two unique features; an Excel plugin and an editor that allows you to incorporate conditional logic into your templates.

While the Excel plugin is limited to paid plans, it’s a feature that is sure to be attractive to enterprises with larger budgets.

Screenshot of DynamicDocs editor

Free plan details

  • Includes 200 documents per month
  • Paid plans start at $99

Additional features

  • Excel plugin (paid plans only)
  • Conditional logic for templates
  • LaTex-based template editor

5. APITemplate

API Template is a multi-purpose tool designed to generate social media images, banners and PDFs without code. Like Export SDK, it provides a drag and drop template editor with preview mode.

While fully featured, API Template has the most limiting free tier, capping generation to just 50 pages per month.

Screenshot of API Template Editor

Free plan details

  • Includes 50 pages/images per month
  • Paid plans start at $29 per month

Additional features

  • Drag and drop editor with HTML and markdown modes
  • Zapier, Integromat, and N8n integrations
Ready to explore a solution? Give Export SDK a try.

Export SDK helps you easily design and generate PDFs with a visual template builder, REST API, Javascript SDK, and no-code integrations.

Create a free account and generate up to 250 pages per month.

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